Content Review Team

Eighteen percent of teachers strongly agree that their materials are aligned to the standards. Our expert content reviewers spend hundreds of hours analyzing instructional materials and publish reports on how well each meets our criteria for standards alignment and usability criteria. These reviews help to inform districts, schools, and educators making important decisions around material selection and adaption.

Thank you to our content review team who make this important work possible, and know how much #materialsmatter!

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Hear directly from our reviewers about why they choose to review and how they hope to support educators nationwide.

"Equity is important, especially with the work we’re doing with EdReports. Information can level the playing field for all schools. I think that the work that EdReports does provides all schools across the country with the same knowledge and information about the materials that they’re looking to purchase so they can make wise decisions about purchasing quality materials. " – Jenni Aberli
"I think forming habits in the classroom is what leads to excellence, for the teacher and for the students. Having classroom materials that help establish those habits and bring out the best is important and what leads to student success and achievement." – Jen Amos
"It’s exciting to hear that some publishers are making changes as they’re receiving information from the reports – they’re improving their products. I can’t think of a better result of all the hard work that the educators are doing." – Leigh Bellville
"I have always called EdReports my go-to seal of approval for instructional materials. It has provided me a guide in which I know where to look and I can get feedback before we make big decisions on what materials are going to be looked at in terms of our district level decisions. We also ask teachers to look at the reports upfront so that it can drive some decisions that they’re going to make regarding implementing curriculum." – Jana Bryant
"Districts spend billions of dollars on all of these materials and some aren't really doing what they're supposed to be doing. We want to make sure that all of our students, wherever they are, are getting the same education, getting that guaranteed and viable curriculum. If they have poorly written materials, that's not going to happen." – Nicole Erdelyi
"EdReports empowers educators because it gives us a voice. It gives us leadership opportunities. It gives us the ability to change education." – Carolyn Glicklich
"Every teacher can only be as good as the tools they have to perform the job. Textbooks are tools. EdReports allows teachers to have access to good tools, quality teaching materials. " – Cynthia Salley Nicholson
"Equity in education is very important. All students deserve a good strong education regardless of zip code, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of race, color, religion. " – Scott Slechta
"We have great materials that are out there. Part of our job is seeking and finding those materials, doing a review for them, and helping point teachers in that direction to help support their instruction." – Adrianne Sublett

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